Maybe the issue is allowing patents to be TRANSFERRABLE PROPERTY.

A paste of a comment from another TechDirt article on “New Patent Buying Firm Swears It’ll Never Litigate Over Its Patents

Comment – Nov 25th, 2008 @ 1:27pm
I agree. The goal of the whole patent process is to INNOVATE and to protect the INVENTOR against others reverse engineering and copying his/her ideas. Perhaps the problem is allowing patents to be transferrable.

Obviously I don’t have a solution, but the patent law system is obviously broken at the point where inventors no longer can enforce their patents and are forced to sell to larger companies (often called trolls) who have the muscle to enforce. Maybe in addition to giving inventors more protections to enforce their patents, preventing the purchase and sale of patents in itself is also a solution. I know a solution like that would upset a lot of people, but at least it would protect the integrity of the patent system.

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