Encryption when searching for patents?

LinkedIn Question by Vagelis Hristidis: Desired Features or Properties of a Patents Search Engine I have been working for a year now on a search engine for patents. Clearly, a key property is the quality of search, that is, discovering the most relevant patents. But are there any other useful features (e.g., automatically email the … Read more

RIMM vs. Visto Venture Capitalists – Little Guys Win.

Today in Barron’s, there was an article “RIMM To Pay $267.5 Million To Settle Visto Patent Suit” by Eric Savitz. I’m actually not that sad about this settlement. If Visto’s patents genuinely covered the technology used by RIM, then they had a duty to license their technology and not to steal it. Without delving deeper … Read more

“Facebook Huddles with Patent Vampire”

It just occurred to me that social networking sites are about to become fewer in the coming months. There is an article in the Jewelry BlogStore Blog, “Facebook Huddles with Patent Vampire” referring to talks between Nathan Myhrvold from Intellectual Ventures, and Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of facebook.com. In the article, it shows the two … Read more

Possible good motives of the supertroll patent conglomerates.

It’s assumed in the blogworld that IV is evil and that Nathan M. is public troll #1. I keep wondering in the back of my mind, what if he is up to good rather than no good. Everybody agrees that there are serious kinks in the patent laws and that the USPTO is backlogged until … Read more

Not always so clear when a patent acquisition company has gone troll.

Recently when I’ve searched for “Intellectual Ventures” on the Twitter web site, all I’ve been seeing are comments about how they hit up a big company for a large sum of money over a license based on a number of patents they owned (a.k.a. purchased). The opinion, as described in the “Microsoft Wants to ‘Save’ … Read more