The Cashman Consulting Group was founded to provide a way to bridge the gap between those who seek the truth and those who take steps to hide it.

By no means is a person an open book.  However, every person at some level seeks to reveal (for their own satisfaction) what they purposefully attempt to conceal.  Whether the person experiences a facial tick, whether they display a momentary facial microexpression, or whether they move a part of their body in accordance with an archetypal expression (e.g., shoulder shrug, hand over mouth, or some other movement), one trained to pay attention to and recognize these acts of expression can learn more from what is omitted than from what is said.

We are offering our services to attorneys who wish to benefit from having our consultant alert you when a lie, an omission, or a false statement has been stated by a client, a witness, or a prospective jury member.  

  • Should it be to your benefit to gain real-time insight into knowing whether your client, judge, witness, or jury members are responding with distrust, disapproval or other emotions, we can have our consultant at-your-side in the courtroom to observe facial microexpressions and body language, and to receive these observations while you conduct your jury selection, client interview, or trial.

  • If you wish to gain insight into the character of your client or you wish to assemble a personality profile based on the photographs or video footage of potential jurors or clients, we are happy to provide you with such.

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DISCLAIMER: Services offered through the Cashman Consulting Group constitute non-legal services.  Any legal services will be provided by the Cashman Law Firm, PLLC.